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The primary aim of every student is to attain academic excellence in their field of study. Working hard and getting good grades while in school will prepare students for their professional life. The excellent student usually finds it easier getting into the labour market as their grade and acquired skills speak for them. In this article, I have gathered for you students of Federal Polytechnic Bida both old and new proven ways and techniques in order to get good grades or improve your academic performance.

Attending classes regularly: is irreplaceable when it comes to achieving academic excellence at Federal Polytechnic Bida. When you attend classes, you get the following benefit that has a direct impact on your grade; name on the attendance list, familiarity with the course content and what it all about, familiarity with the material released by Lecturer. Irregular attendance of classes even as a brilliant student despite possessing immense ability to commit course materials into memory with little effort; your performance will still be negatively affected.

It also important to note that attending classes isn’t enough paying attention in class is vital. When you attend classes, you also benefit from memorizing some key points coming from Lecturer while in class. As a regular class attendee, you will get credible information from the sources without mixing things up. Many people have miss tests in some cases exams because the wrong information was passed to them as they were not in class when it was announced.

Developing affection for the course: you definitely won’t be interested in learning from something you hate. Pushing yourself to like the course will definitely help improve your interest for which translate into picking interest in reading course materials and whenever you have an oncoming test on the course instead of feeling miserable or complain you get excited as you have now picked interest in the course. One of the ways to develop an interest in a course is to find a way in which the course knowledge is applicable in real-life scenarios and how the knowledge can benefit you in the nearest future.

Reading for exams or tests: this is very important, apart from taking all other steps without reading your book there is no way you are passing the course because not reading will only lead to failure in tests and exams. Also not reading early will cost you marks. Federal Polytechnic is not like other schools where test time in the whole school is decided by the management. The test will be decided by your Lecturer taking you the course so the early you start reading the better.

We know ourselves better than anyone if reading at night is what works for you, if reading in the morning is what works for you try wake in the morning and read. If reading at midnight is what works for you sleep after your lecture and wake in the midnight to read. Don.t go to night class because everyone goes to read at night experiment and find what technique suits you. And make sure you start before your lecturer starts talking about test.

Reading only material given: this is something old students are already familiar with. If your Lecturer gives you thirty-page material for a course please do not read outside this thirty pages unless stated otherwise. Your Lecturer will never set outside the material he gave you. Many old students have had to learn this the hard way; don’t go and start reading encyclopedia when you have not finished reading the ten-page material your Lecturer release. You are only digging your grave if you following this path. Read-only course material and you will pass in flying color.

Above all pray to God: I believe we all agree that anything that has been and will be successful will only occur with the permission of God. Pray to your Lord and asked for mercy, guidance, understanding, and retentive memory through the semester.

In summary, for you to achieve academic excellence at Federal Polytechnic Bida you should do the following: attend class regularly, like the course, read before test and exams approach, read-only material given, pray to God. With the above few steps, you should be on your way to success at this great Institution. Good Luck.

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