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For freshers, Agro is a term you may have heard or you are hearing for the first time. For an old student, Agro is nothing new and you must have experienced it already. Agro simply means brokenness a.k.a sapa.

In these articles, both old and new students alike will learn steps to take and habit to adopt to prevent or reduce the Agro effect when the season arrives.

If you cook most of what you eat, you have already a step ahead. If you most of the food you eat then you have to adopt the habit of cooking your food. When coming to school buy foodstuff enough and when you resume after a day or two start cooking your food. This habit will save you a lot of money instead of buying food. When you resume your pocket are usually loaded it easy to fall for the temptation of buying food and snacks from your money, rather keep your money cook from your foodstuff; when Agro comes you still got something to keep you going which you can opt to use to replace your foodstuff back. Don’t forget food is the most important thing for a student even when he or she has nothing. As far as there is food, there is no difficulty you won’t be able to withstand as a student.

Avoid eating and spending without thinking, how we eat and how much we eat differs among ourselves. Nutrition expert worldwide agrees on the fact that three square meal is ideal for the individual in a day. Some of us eat nothing less than five times a day, rice in the morning, egg grow and Fanta in school, Noodles after class, beans in the evening, and Suya joint late at night. Eating too much not only causes a deficit in your pocket and it is not a healthy habit. Depending on your schooling sponsor, as a student eating twice minimum or thrice maximum. Spending and eating will only bring agro upon you quicker than expected. While avoiding agro you shouldn’t starve yourself either. Rather you find what works for you.

Avoid withdrawing money you don’t need in the nearest shortest time. Make it a habit to only withdraw the money you need to use immediately. Withdrawing money, you won’t be spending in a short time will likely make Agro descend upon you in no time. When you withdraw money, you won’t be spending in the shortest while you are likely going to misplace it or it gets stolen which will only lead to Agro. Only withdraw what you will be spending.

Avoiding certain places like bet9ja shop, suya spots, beer palace, etc. These places are designed to persuade you to spend without thinking. Avoiding these places especially when we approach the end of the semester when Agro is imminent. Avoiding these places will help you save the little money you have left and spend it on the things that are most necessary e.g., food, handouts photocopy, assignments.

With these few steps and habits, you will be able to reduce your level of brokenness or prevent it entirely when it season comes.

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