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The Federal Polytechnic Bida Security Post is an important player in the continuous orderliness students, staff and the entire polytechnic environment enjoys to date.

The school security post is handed the responsibility of policing and ensuring the security of lives and property on campus and the surrounding environment. Many students both old and new are not aware of the existence of the school security post and its functions, in the few paragraphs below; you will be informed of all you need to know about the school security post.

The Federal Polytechnic Bida security post office is situated at the school small gate. Immediately after entering the school through the small gate, you take a left; you will find two blocks of building there where the security personnel is stationed.

School security post is simply your police station as a student of Federal Polytechnic Bida, any issue you know you need to involve Police take to the school security post and it should be fine.

School security post personnel are friendly, trained, and well equipped with the right tools to tackle any security issue presented on campus and its environment. The popular saying “ignorance in the court of law is no excuse”. Taking the law into your hands as a bonafide student of Federal Polytechnic Bida is a serious offense as clearly stated in the student information handbook. Any student found wanted and convicted of any crime nah bye-bye oo. You will go back home without your certificate; that will not be our portion in Mighty name of the Lord, Ameen.

Federal Polytechnic Bida Police Outpost.

Apart from the school security post, especially for those around big gate area; there is a Police station outpost situated at big gate beside BQ Estate. In cases of emergency were going to report at small gate might be too late to solve the problem at that moment rush to the Police station outpost to report the case.

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