Bida Standard

Every tertiary institution always possesses a unique symbolic nomenclature that usually becomes a kind of the second name or substitute to the identity of that institution. In the case of Federal Polytechnic Bida, “Bida Standard” is the phrase usually related to this Institution. Bida Standard is associated with students and Alumni of the Federal Polytechnic Bida. This itself embodies a myriad of experience and struggle students undergo throughout their stay at the Institution.

For freshers a.k.a Jambitos, you might have heard of the Bida Standard and how it is an innate part of the Institution, in few paragraphs below you will be enlightened about what Bida Standard entails.

Stressful registration process: these usually are the foremost experiences the new students will experience after landing on campus. Many think the tedious registration process is just a normal thing but NO! it actually on purpose. This process has become a culture at this Institution. Some argue it is unnecessary to stress new students but this experience gets the student ready for the task ahead. This put students of Federal Polytechnic Bida ahead of their colleagues. This experience results in building students with immense mentality agility and increased ability to withstand stress, embodied in their persona after many encounters with such experience.

6:00 A.M test schedule: to the best of my knowledge in the whole of Niger state and its neighboring state tertiary institution only very few schools have 6 A.M test scheduling as a norm. New students and old students alike get used to writing tests at 6:00 A.M. This time scheduling of tests is very uncomfortable as the early hours of the morning sleep is most enjoyed. Students tend to become more disciplined because of the repeated experience. This imbibes in student of Federal Polytechnic discipline in an in-direct way.

The late placing of exams venue. This is also a tactic employ by the management of Federal Polytechnic since I can remember. The reason behind publicizing exams venue minutes or few hours before the exam is to hinder and prevent exam malpractice among students. This approach has been effective to some extent to curb exams malpractice. This makes students read for their exams as exams malpractice will be difficult to plan and execute due to the time the exam venue is announced.

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